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About Danka

Danka Bednárová is an Ashtanga and Vinyasa Krama yoga and shiatsu practitioner from Slovakia. She has been studying and teaching yoga and shiatsu internationally for over a decade, including with Vijay Kumar in India, Matthew Sweeney in Bali and Zuna Vesan Kozankova from Slovakia. In 2008 she opened her own yoga centre in Slovakia. Now based in Leipzig, she regularly teaches a workshops and courses at different studios in Leipzig as well as privately and online. She holds teaching qualifications in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, shiatsu and ayurvedic yoga massage.

But meanwhile she offers more and more therapeutic yoga programs in individual sessions or small groups. In addition, as a long-time student of the well-known Ashtanga Yoga / Vinyasa Krama teacher Matthew Sweeney (www.yogatemple.com), she became one of the few authorized teachers worldwide who teach the moon sequence, Lion Cub,  Sunshine sequnce and their variations.

Danka discovered yoga in her late twenties after an initial career in textile design, and she aims to bring the same creative energy into her yoga classes. She uses a holistic and flexible approach to yoga and massage therapy, rooted in a firm belief that they complement each other to promote optimal health and wellbeing.

“I will not teach yoga
that is good for me or others
i will only teach
Yoga that is good for you.”

– Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

“I think yoga is incredible. It can be so gentle and subtle, yet powerfully dynamic. I love experiencing how yoga serves people at all stages of life. My intention when teaching is to provide a space that feels safe and nurturing for all students, no matter what level of practice you are at. It is so special to have a place where we can all let down our guard together, open our hearts, laugh, cry and feel whatever we are going through in life and our bodies.

Besides yoga I practice Shiatsu Therapy, a technique based on traditional Chinese medicine and Tao philosophy. I also teach both in conjunction, because they harmoniously complement one another. Both systems represent union with mother Nature and bring us closer to harmony and balance in all levels of our lives.”

My duties and responsibilities

Yoga teacher:

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (level I,II) – Mysore style and Led class
  • Vinyasa Krama Mandiram – Matthew Sweeney
  • Hatha yoga ,Do in Yoga
  • Shiatsu therapy
  • Ayurvedic Yoga Massage
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Designing exercise programs to support and prolong the massage therapies
  • Providing feet reflexology
  • Cupping massage
  • Designing exercise courses for people with physical blocks
    and posture problems also providing Intuitive art therapy

“Danka is a sincere and humble practitioner. While her sincerity helps her to be a good student, her humbleness helps in being a good teacher”

Vijay Kumar

” I´ve know Danka for many years. I perceive her as a one of the most responsible students, but also, as a one of my precious friends. As a student, she is characterized by an interest in searching for the core, a journey into the depths and discovering connections, and as a friend by sincerity and kindness. She unites these two of her qualities into her work and passes them on to her clients and students.

Zuna Vesan Kozánková

My greatest teachers and inspiration

Matthew Sweeney

Vinyasa Krama Mandiram


Ashtanga Yoga


Ashtanga Yoga

Zuna Vesan

my shiatsu teacher

Sylvain Girard

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

What should I bring to class?
For private yoga class

If you have your own yoga mat, please bring it to class, as well as a towel. If you are new to yoga and want to try it out, all you need to bring is a towel; I will provide a yoga mat for you. If you want to cultivate a sustainable home practice, it is good to invest in your own yoga mat and, depending on your level and needs, a few yoga props. Having your own material, space and rituals will help you to feel motivated and comfortable in your practice.

For group class

This depends on the location; please see specific instructions for each class or workshop. While most studios will have yoga mats, blankets and some props provided, the current pandemic situation may restrict our access to shared materials. The necessary details will be provided in an email once you have registered for a class.

For shiatsu therapy

Unlike regular massage, shiatsu therapy is done through the clothes, not directly on the skin. You will be lying on a special shiatsu futon on the floor. While the room will be heated to a comfortable temperature, deep relaxation may make you feel chilly. Therefore it is advisable to wear comfortable, loose clothes made of natural materials (cotton, linen, silk, …), and ideally a long-sleeve top or a light jumper, even on warmer days. Make sure you can move freely in these clothes. Also note that we will spend some time going over your case history and any health conditions prior to the treatment.

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