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Chandra Krama – Moon Sequence 

Introduction course live

  • DATE: 31 January 2023
  • DURATION:   5 Tuesdays
  • LIVE
  • PRICE:  75 €
  • Classes in English
  • Led/Self-practice

Intuitive, introspective, gentle, downward, letting go, releasing tension & stress.

Come to learn step by step this beautiful sattvic sequence involving gentle asana practice encourages stillness and inward reflection.

The Moon Sequence is a gentle flowing vinyasa form accessible for all levels.

Although this sequence was originally intended for practice on the full moon, the new moon and during the menstrual cycle, it is appropriate at any time for women or men.

This sequence emphasizes the hips, groin, lower spine and abdominals, which will feel awake and alive after moving through the postures.

It takes pressure off the neck, shoulders and wrists (common from the standard jumps in the Ashtanga series) and is useful as a regular alternative to the intense heat of the traditional Ashtanga or dynamic Vinyasa Yoga.

Whether old or young, this sequence is great for any age. Some 

The Moon sequence, when practised in this light, will develop your awareness in ways that a standard Vinyasa practice, typically focussed on progression and learning advanced Āsana, will not.


SCHEDULE : 18:00 – 19:30

For sign into this course go to contact, or hit me up via email at info@sahayoga.eu. By registering into the course or making an appointment , you agree to the cancellation policy conditions.


I ve had 2 shiatsu treatments with Danka and it was amazing. Personally I try to do massages of all kinds wherever I can, but this one was just stunning. Working on a body and mental level this opened a lot inside. Thank you soooo much, cannot be topped or more professional than that. Looking forward to seeing you again somewhere sometime. Namaste, Chris

Chris Peter (Germany)

I had one session with Danka and I can only say: She knows very well what she is doing. Incredible sensitivity for the human body and skill of treatment. Very helpful.

Sven Mahr (Leipzig, Germany)

Danka is an amazing beautiful soul who was recommended to me by a yoga teacher here in Sydney as I had torn tendons and chronic inflammation in my shoulder which I was recovering from. I came to Danka for 10 sessions of lymphatic drainage and shiatsu massage. The results have been incredible with literally no pain in my shoulder and I have regained full movement after only 2 weeks of treatment. I can only say how grateful I am to have met you and thank you so much for helping me.

Cilla Raphael (Sydney, Australia)