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  • DATE: 13/14  May 2023
  • LIFE
  • COURSE COST: 185 € (payment due to 13/4/2023)
  • EARLY BIRDS: 165 € (it booked and paid in full by 13/3/2022 )
  • Classes in English

A weekend-long workshop designed for anyone interested in body and energy work. Students will learn the foundations of the traditional floor-based Shiatsu method.

You will learn to:

  • Give safe and effective shiatsu to friends and family
  • Integrate new techniques into a pre-existing massage practice
  • Understand the core principles of Taoist philosophy
  • Develop awareness of Qi (energy) and enhance its movement within the body
Saturday from 10:00 am till 17:00
Sunday from 9:00 till 16:00 
each day theory + practice with 1hr break for lunch 
See couple of pictures from the last workshop – click here

For sign into this course go to contact, or hit me up via email at info@sahayoga.eu. By registering into the course or making an appointment , you agree to the cancellation policy conditions.


I had two times Shiatsu treatment given by Danka. I tried many things to feel more alive, having more energy, and releasing a tense body. I was surprised how Dankas treatment affected my body. After 90 minutes – Energy was flowing through my body, I felt calm, content and had to laugh loudly – impulsively. A body reaction I never had before. I am happy that Shiatsu with Danka works with me so well! I totally recommend it. Danka has a lot of experience, she lives what she teaches & gives. Thank you! Wonderful work!

I regularly receive shiatsu by Danka and it is always wonderful! It helps me to deal better with painful periods and back stiffness. After a shiatsu session I feel refreshed, relaxed, balanced and more grounded. Danka knows a lot about TCM, Yoga, shiatsu and body work in general. She looks at your body in its entirety. I can recommand it to everyone who is looking for a shiatsu therapist with a lot of experience and empathy!


Danka’s shiatsu session is a treatment for the body, mind, and soul.

She supports the physical and emotional body in his healing process. While moving the body from the outside, she intuitively feels what is going on in the emotional body and supports its healing too. Energy blockages and tension are going to be released.

Her Shiatsu session leads to inner and outer balance. Danka’s background as a yoga teacher is a huge benefit. Her shiatsu session is a unique combination influenced by her background as a yoga teacher and Tao shiatsu practitioner. In my experience, her therapeutic shiatsu massage is more powerful than a classical shiatsu treatment!