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Yoga Classes & courses

Danka offers weekly classes, private sessions, massage therapy and longer workshops focused on Vinyasa Krama Yoga and Shiatsu therapy. She also teaches regularly at Casa Ashtanga studio Leipzig . Visit the course page to see upcoming classes, or contact Danka for private teaching. Classes can take place online or in person.

Shiatsu massage therapy

Danka uses shiatsu massage therapy to provide tension relief and help restore balance in the body. Contact Danka for sessions at her home or yours.


Danka has previously led yoga retreats in Sydney, Bali, Thailand, Slovakia and Croatia. Check out the gallery for impressions of previous retreats, and keep an eye on the website for announcements of future ones.

“My intention when teaching is to provide a space that feels safe & nurturing
for all students, no matter what level of practice you are at.”

About Danka

Danka Bednárová is a yoga and shiatsu practitioner from Slovakia. She has been studying and teaching yoga and shiatsu internationally for over a decade. Now based in Leipzig, she continues to teach and learn from her mentors. She uses a holistic approach to yoga and massage therapy, rooted in a firm belief that they complement each other to promote optimal health and wellbeing.


At first, Danka has been my shiatsu therapist, opening up my body and relieving me from the pain of an unbalanced yoga practice where I was being too hard on myself, not listening to my limits. She took care and found the way to my heart. Her generosity, her presence, her energy fed me and inspired me. That’s why when she launched the online classes during the lockdown, I knew it would help me get through this challenging time.
The classes with Danka feel like a soft touch, a pause in the middle of the chaotic world where we can calm down, experiment, observe and focus on our well being while building strength and confidence. Even from far, she provides a safe space and with her interdisciplinary view and many tools, she guides us with her peaceful strength through the practice reminding us to take care of ourselves, to breathe and to watch our feelings and respect the state we are in as well as our day to day needs. She designs the sequences for every level and addresses different limitations, restrictions and plateau that we can meet in our practice. I always felt a great deal of benefits from it, the modifications and the mix of different types of yoga as well as her therapeutic and educational approach makes it useful, rich, surprising and very balanced.
I am just really disappointed.. to live in a different country! 😀
Camille Remy (Brussel, Belgium)

She is awesome!!!
I visited her a few weeks ago because of my back pain and my back pain gone by then. I had shiatsu massage and yoga class. She knows what she is doing so if you are thinking about booking the class or massage with her DO IT it’s worth it I promise 

Jana Zah (Sydney , Aust)

Ashtanga yoga is truhly a self practice, but today this woman moved me much farther I ever imagined I could go. Not only through physical adjustments but also verbal advice….in Urdhva dhanurasana I screamed out of joywhen Danka had given me a helpful hints and my sacrum felt pain-free. I am
grateful for this Mysore practice with Danka Sky.

Lenka Molecova Mihocka (Poprad, Slovakia)

Don’t ignore the pain in your back, do something about it. I did and I have to say what a great job Danka does. Day after the massage I felt like a new person.
The whole experience was positive and Danka is very professional and knowledgeable. fully recommend.

Radek Slaby (Sydney , Australia)

I had one session with Danka and I can only say: She knows very well what she is doing. Incredible sensitivity for the human body and skill of treatment. Very helpful.

Sven Mahr (Leipzig, Germany)

I‘m very happy and thankful Danka found her way to Leipzig. She is a great Ashtanga teacher with helpful and profound insights in her Mysore classes or Yoga workshops.
I can also highly recommend her Shiatsu Massages which helped me a lot with some pain issues. Her advices and yoga adjustments helped me a lot during difficult times. Truly blessed, thank you lovely Danka 

Corinna Rudolf (Leipzig Germany)

I ve had 2 shiatsu treatments with Danka and it was amazing. Personally I try to do massages of all kinds wherever I can, but this one was just stunning. Working on a body and mental level this opened a lot inside. Thank you soooo much, cannot be topped or more professional than that. Looking forward to seeing you again somewhere sometime. Namaste, Chris

Chris Peter (Germany)

Danka is an amazing beautiful soul who was recommended to me by a yoga teacher here in Sydney as I had torn tendons and chronic inflammation in my shoulder which I was recovering from. I came to Danka for 10 sessions of lymphatic drainage and shiatsu massage. The results have been incredible with literally no pain in my shoulder and I have regained full movement after only 2 weeks of treatment. I can only say how grateful I am to have met you and thank you so much for helping me.

Cilla Raphael (Sydney, Australia)

What should I bring to class?
For private yoga class

If you have your own yoga mat, please bring it to class, as well as a towel. If you are new to yoga and want to try it out, all you need to bring is a towel; I will provide a yoga mat for you. If you want to cultivate a sustainable home practice, it is good to invest in your own yoga mat and, depending on your level and needs, a few yoga props. Having your own material, space and rituals will help you to feel motivated and comfortable in your practice.

For group class

This depends on the location; please see specific instructions for each class or workshop. While most studios will have yoga mats, blankets and some props provided, the current pandemic situation may restrict our access to shared materials. The necessary details will be provided in an email once you have registered for a class.

For shiatsu therapy

Unlike regular massage, shiatsu therapy is done through the clothes, not directly on the skin. You will be lying on a special shiatsu futon on the floor. While the room will be heated to a comfortable temperature, deep relaxation may make you feel chilly. Therefore it is advisable to wear comfortable, loose clothes made of natural materials (cotton, linen, silk, …), and ideally a long-sleeve top or a light jumper, even on warmer days. Make sure you can move freely in these clothes. Also note that we will spend some time going over your case history and any health conditions prior to the treatment.

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Partner Yoga & Shiatsu Workshop

  Power of healing touch workshop 30th October in Leipzig.

Bring a friend, significant other or just yourself and learn assisted Yoga stretching and bodywork techniques that promote peaceful connection, compassion and the therapeutic benefits of Yoga and massage.

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